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Asbestos can be found in these and many other common building materials: Ceiling textures, vinyl floor coverings and mastic, boiler and pipe insulation, heating and cooling duct insulation, ceiling tile, roofing products, clapboard shingles, etc. These materials may be regulated - a certified asbestos building inspector can determine which materials contain asbestos and which are regulated.


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Advanced framing is a system of framing of framing techniques based on optimizing building materials.


Steel Work
Steel materials are occasionally used in building construction for the support of roofs and floors.


What do the OSHA Excavation standards cover, and how do they protect workers?


The first masonry structures were unreinforced and intended to support mainly gravity loads

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This section describes constructing sidewalks, loading zones, safety islands, and steps including landings, of concrete, with or without reinforcement.


Exterior wall coverings, along with the roofing, flashings, windows and doors, are designed to provide a weather-resistive barrier that separates the interior of the structure from the elements.

Porch and Decks 

These design sheets are guidelines for a basic, single level decks and porches, if a spa or hot tub or other special use is intended, seek the help of a design professional.


This handout mainly addresses the requirements for asphalt and mineral surfaced roll roofing. Wood shingles, wood shakes, and steel shingles (minimum 26 gauge) are also permitted.

Stone work

Sidewalks, yards and areaways are among the defining characteristics of a New York City landmark or historic district. DOT approval  required for replacing sidewalks.

Structural Glass

With the development of the new design aesthetics of Art Deco, Art Moderne, and Stream lined Modernism, structural glass reached its greatest popularity.