Category 1

  • Custom Home

    Custom Home

    Within today’s custom homes it is not uncommon to see exercise rooms, sewing rooms, studies, offices, dens, family rooms and…

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  • Structural steel

    Structural steel

    Where this industry standard reflects the OHS Act and OHS Regulations (including the construction regulations), this is indicated by the…

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  • Commercial


      New York City is involved in a constant process of renovation and new construction. To limit construction noise, the…

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  • Rough Framing

    Rough Framing

    Advanced framing is a system of framing of framing techniques based on optimizing building materials to produce wood-framed buildings with lower…

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  • Structural Glass

    Structural Glass

      During the first 20th century a lot of business/home owners  are requiring more, and more about structural glass cost…

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  • EIFS Stucco

    EIFS Stucco

    General Exterior wall coverings - along with the roofing, flashings, windows and doors, are designed to provide a weather-resistive barrier that…

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