• Responsible for oversight and management of all health plan operations through the design and implementation of financial controls, management information systems including electronic medical records, best practice health care services, human resource policies and procedures, facilities management and comprehensive marketing programs
  • Deliver leadership and technical expertise to develop and improve health plan leadership skills and performance
  • ┬áDirect operations to verify that all services are delivered in a cost-effective, quality manner
  • Conduct a strategic review of operations and implementing a member engagement strategy focusing on State customer relationships
  • Verify compliance with State and Federal requirements including reporting and operational standards
  • Provide leadership, team building, and staff development to create and maintain a multi-disciplined,


MBA, Orlando Everest University (Orlando College), Summa Cum Laude, 2001 6 Advanced Management Studies, Everest University Orlando, 2004 BSCE, University of Engineering & Technology,

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