Jeny S.
  • Jeny S.

4/21/2015 Updated review

Since I Moved to NYC me and my husband we find that  it will be a big problem for as to find a good contractor that can help us to get done the construction and remodeling at our new house that we bought in woodlands ..
The second problem we had that we did t have any friend for recommendations...
We found a couple of contractor on Angie's List and yelp and we decided to give a try...
We received a couple of bids form them and we decided to go with the one that gave us the best bid ...,,NYC Renovation & Remodeling,, But after they begin the work we find out that this company has very poor experience in construction and the worst think was   that they begin to overcharge us saying that a lot of thinks waren t indicated in the bid.. Yes we where very upset   and we decided to not work with that company.. We called again the company's that we received the bids and we asked them to rebid the job and we asked them to specify all the details that will be included and witch not..  After we received the new Bids structurelineHas the most accurate bid they also specify all the details even the garbage removal...  My husband sad that he will go with Structureline and I was agree with..
It took approximately 2 month for them to finish the Remodeling In our 4 bedroom House but  we are very satisfied with the results ..
They helped us to update the old 2 Bath, replacing all ceramic tiles and bathtubs..
We did replaced all flooring in the house we did update our old kitchen and closets...
and walls Restoration, new moldings  and painting.   Now all looks great and we are happy with the changes we did in the house..
Hope i will call them soon for some exterior work  and I am expecting to receive a good quote .. Thanks for all

Lisa Whistler, Consultant