EXTERIOR WOODWORK - Wood siding, shingles and trim on a building’s wall surface serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, exterior woodwork acts as the skin of the building, shedding water and deflecting sunlight and wind. Aesthetically, woodwork is an important design feature and can be applied as siding, shingles, ornamental trim and larger elements such as porches and cupolas. Exterior woodwork:  Establishes a weather-tight enclosure, providing protection from rain, wind and sun  Is affected by temperature variation and building movement  Establishes a building’s scale, mass and proportion adding visual interest to the streetscape  Acts as an important design feature, helping to define a building’s architectural style and adding pattern and casting shadows on wall surfaces With proper maintenance, exterior wood elements can last for centuries, however improper maintenance can result in problems and deterioration from water, fungus, mold and insects.