Placing and Finishing Concrete - The engineer will check and approve the foundation, forms, and reinforcement if required, before placing the concrete. Place the concrete on a moist foundation, deposit it to the required depth, and consolidate sufficiently to bring the mortar to the surface, then strike-off and finish to a true and even surface. Before the mortar sets, brush or lightly broom the surface. Before performing the final surface finish, check the sidewalk surface with a 10-foot straightedge, and correct areas that vary 1/4 inch from the testing edge by adding or removing concrete while the concrete is still plastic.  If the engineer allows, the contractor may construct concrete sidewalks with suitable, engineer-approved, slip-form equipment.   Construct curb ramps at the locations and conforming to the details and dimensions the plans show. Embed detectable warning fields in plastic concrete conforming to manufacturer-recommended procedures.