Renovation Idea

Detailed Design - Given the nature of the project and its schedule, the Department envisions that the schematic and design development phases will be compressed and will occur in a single phase. Based on the approved preliminary design, the Design-Builder shall cause the design element of its team to develop design development documents for the project. The Design-Builder shall ensure that these documents are progressed in a manner consistent with the Department’s budget for the Project,  designed to budget. The design development documents shall serve as the basis for the GMP. The design development documents shall contain at least the level of detail as contemplated in the standard AIA agreement. In addition, the design development documents shall coordinate the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, fire alarm, energy conservation, lighting, telecommunications, and landscaping of the Project in sufficient detail to establish final sizing criteria and capacities, square footage requirements, required chases and risers, clearances, equipment layout, and other related components for the Project.