Design quality


  • ` Improve design quality. The contractor is able to review the designs and provide feedback, answer designer questions and provide changes. By including the contractor review, the designer can produce better designs that reduce issues in construction and prevent change orders that can lead to project overruns.
  • Improve cost control. Value Engineering is a natural part of CM/GC during the design process. This allows for the contractor’s input during design so the owner can obtain reliable cost data for any design alternative being considered. This allows the owner to consider the budget and make more informed decisions about which alternatives offer the greatest cost-benefit.
  • Optimize construction schedules. The CM/GC process allows the contractor to begin planning the construction schedule during the design phase. This way, the team can view how construction will impact traffic and adjust the construction schedule accordingly. CM/GC also enables the team to determine right-of-way and utilities issues on the critical path during design and give greater focus to those that affect the overall schedule.