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Other projects that are a good fit for the CM/GC method are those that have public involvement or include right-of-way or utility issues that could affect the overall schedule.
By getting the contractor involved early in the planning and design processes, project owners have the opportunity to incorporate a contractor’s perspective into planning and design decisions, introduce innovations, improve the design quality and resolve potential third party issues. This allows them to deliver projects that reduce costly change orders, decrease risk, optimize the construction schedule and minimize impact to the traveling public.
The CM/GC project delivery method consists of two phases—design and construction.
When the owner considers the design to be complete, the construction manager then has an opportunity to bid on the project based on the completed design and schedule. If the owner, designer and independent cost estimator agree that the contractor has submitted a fair price, the owner issues a construction contract and the construction manager then becomes the general contractor. The contractor acts as the consultant during the design process and can offer constructability and pricing feedback on design options and can identify risks based on the contractor’s established means and methods. As noted earlier, this process also allows the owner to be an active participant during the design process and make informed decisions on design options based on the contractor’s expertise